Trickster is a literary journal published each spring by Northern New Mexico College.

The trickster figure, in literature and myth, exists to question and to teach us lessons about intelligence, adaptability, and survival. The archetype appears throughout history and in all cultures in some form, breaking the rules of the universe and poking fun at the overly serious. The trickster is a creature full of knowledge and lessons about learning to laugh at ourselves, asserting our individuality, and shattering boundaries.

Creators, jokers, story-tellers, and transformers: as writers, as artists, we are all of these things. We can sometimes become our own enemies, much like the trickster. But, we are also adaptors and survivalists who shape lessons about humanity and existence out of our experiences and our environments.

At Trickster, we publish poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, reviews, and many combinations therein. The landscape and culture of northern New Mexico shape our perspective, but we’re excited to accept original work from anyone, anywhere, about anything.

We’re looking for work that moves, surprises, maybe changes shape before our eyes. We want what we weren’t expecting.


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